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In this problem, which arises in holographic coherent diffraction imaging, a "reference" portion of the signal to be recovered via phase retrieval is a priori known from experimental design. Holograms computed using our "learned hardware-in-the-loop phase retrieval" eliminates severe aberrations and show an improved quality, enhanced resolution and remarkable contrast, with black regions truly being black as shown below. We achieve all of this in a holographic display, perhaps for the first time to the best of our knowledge. Phase recovery from intensity-only measurements forms the heart of coherent imaging techniques and holography. In this study, we demonstrate that a neural network can learn to perform phase Introducing the reference substantially simplifies the resulting phase retrieval problem, which we call holographic phase retrieval: the computational problem is now a linear deconvolution, which is equivalent to solving a linear system [35, 36, 37, 38].

Holographic phase retrieval

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holograms holograph holographed holographer holographers holographic pharyngotomy pharynx pharynxes phascogale phascogales phase phaseal retrievability retrievable retrievableness retrievably retrieval retrievals retrieve  omgivningar visualiseras som hologram. En del av The HERCULES-2 is the next phase of the R&D programme HERCULES on large engine Keywords: Exploration vehicle, Image retrieval, Spatiogram, Terrain prediction. Microbiology , Microbiology Society , Vol. Object plane detection and phase retrieval from single-shot holograms using multi-wavelength in-line holography.

Holographic phase retrieval

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Holographic phase retrieval

1966 av eng hologram. GJ honkytonk. 1996k av eng. NY hoppborg. 1985 efter eng information retrieval.

High speed, high resolution phase retrieval of off-axis hologram of sparse samples. 1 Sep 2017– 31 Aug 2019. A general mathematical framework and recovery algorithm is presented for the holographic phase retrieval problem. In this problem, which arises in holographic coherent diffraction imaging, a 'reference' portion of the signal to be recovered via phase retrieval is a priori known from experimental design. Abstract. A collinear non-interferometric phase retrieval method for holographic data storage is proposed. The code rate of the collinear system can be increased by 2 times due to transferring the 50% embedded data from a signal beam to a reference beam.
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Holographic phase retrieval

We built a holographic display-camera setup (left) to generate data that is used to train a neural Dual-Reference Design for Holographic Phase Retrieval Abstract: A new reference design is introduced for holographic coherent diffraction imaging.

Pulse terahertz holography introduced some years ago shows itself as perfect method for overall-object phase retrieval technique, but in the same time it allows measurement with low signal to noise Learned Hardware-in-the-loop Phase Retrieval for Holographic Near-Eye Displays.
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Further, other algorithms for known and unknown numbers of phase steps have been reported in literature . 1981-08-03 · phase retrieval (SPR) algorithm to overcome the spatial-temporal trade-o in holographic video.

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Sickening  •Holography, coherent diffractive imaging mechanisms underlying phase transitions in solids and magnetization reversal on (phase retrieval). •Complex 3D  phase imaging, Fourier phase retrieval, computational microscopy, diagnostic holography, non-destructive testing techniques, shear interferometry, Talbot  Phase retrieval in X-ray phase-contrast imaging suitable for flux grown KTiOPO4 by digital holography2007Ingår i: Applied Physics Letters, ISSN 0003-6951,  holography imaging of free-flying nanoparticles2018Ingår i: Nature Photonics, windowing for improved phase retrieval accuracy2018Ingår i: Optics Express,  av A Sulaiman · 2019 · Citerat av 21 — Historical documents are the source of obtaining accurate and meaningful cultural and scientific knowledge that can be used for the information retrieval process  Femtosecond X-ray Fourier holography imaging of free-flying nanoparticles with constrained support and windowing for improved phase retrieval accuracy. loss of phase, and therefore structure recovery is often complicated and not always uniquely defined4,5. Here, we introduce the method of in-flight holography,  av H Moen · 2016 · Citerat av 2 — As the training phase is methods are: Holographic Reduced Representations (HRR) (Plate model outputs during the retrieval phase.

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The phase retrieval problem has drawn considerable at-tention over the years, as many optical detection devices can only measure Dynamic sampling iterative phase retrieval for holographic data storage Ruixian Chen, Jianying Hao, Changyu Yu, Qijing Zheng, Xianying Qiu, Suping Wang, Yuxin Chen, Kun Wang, Dakui Lin, Yi Yang, Hui Li, Xiao Lin, and Xiaodi Tan The on-axis methods can fully utilize the space–bandwidth product of the DH system. However, to achieve high phase retrieval accuracy, phase-shifting methods must record several holograms (typically ≥3) in time sequence or in a single shot , , , .

Because of its simple optical system setup and robust noise tolerance, non-interferometric phase retrieval is an important technique for phase-modulated holographic data storage. Usually, the iterative algorithm of non-interferometry needs hundreds of iteration numbers to retrieve phase accurately, the data transfer rate decreases severely.